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MaggieMays offers a beautiful blend of traditional, unique, top quality, one-of-a-kind original stunning and mesmerizing fine jewelry using precious, semi-precious gemstones, pearls, diamonds, crystals and handcrafted artisan bead design's. Modern, elegant, sophisticated, classic and heirloom quality jewelry to pass on generation to generation; using the highest quality gemstone's possible. Give the quality he/she deserves! Welcome to your one stop shop for OOAK fine jewelry design's and handcrafted artisan creations in all shapes and sizes to meet your individual needs and special occasions.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

MaggieMays Honored by Craft_Parade

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry is highly rated for being recognized for her jewelry by Craft Parade's  #Crafters News Daily Newsletter. Being recognized in just three days apart is quite a honor for any artisan. With all the work that goes in to just one piece of jewelry; testing  your gemstone, deciding on a design, mounting with expertise and so much more, your design is actually a "Piece of Art." I am very grateful for being recognized for my hard work but I'd like to also honor all the artisan's whether it be creating jewelry, photography, beading, cross-stitch, etc. Congratulation's my fellow artist's for all your hard work, I honor you!


MaggieMays item that was recognized is her Russia Chrome Diopside Necklace that has a color of a rich emerald green. "Step aside emerald's, there's a new and rare gemstone in town." Russia Chrome Diopside can give you the same color, clarity, more sparkle than a emerald but at a much lower cost; without giving up quality. Here's a look at my necklace; its design is modern but yet a timeless piece.

Chrome Diopside Gemstone Jewelry Necklace from Russia Emerald Green


quoted from Craft_Parade

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