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MaggieMays offers a beautiful blend of traditional, unique, top quality, one-of-a-kind original stunning and mesmerizing fine jewelry using precious, semi-precious gemstones, pearls, diamonds, crystals and handcrafted artisan bead design's. Modern, elegant, sophisticated, classic and heirloom quality jewelry to pass on generation to generation; using the highest quality gemstone's possible. Give the quality he/she deserves! Welcome to your one stop shop for OOAK fine jewelry design's and handcrafted artisan creations in all shapes and sizes to meet your individual needs and special occasions.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry New Unique Gemstone Jewelry

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry has been very busy during this past holiday season working on New Unique Gemstone Jewelry. I've learned to set accent stone's which is very intricate and detailed work. Came across some rare gemstone's, done a lot of research on a new process used on Sterling Silver. This process take's away the heaviness of sterling silver. It was a very interesting research. Design's include color changing Garnet Gemstone's that turn vivid blue, purple, light purple, blue. This was a exciting find for MaggieMays Fine Jewelry. When purchased I asked if they were color changing and was told NO. So when I arrived home and put them through all type's of testing, is when I found our I was honored with some rare Garnet Gemstone's. Diamond Rings took a lot of intricately setting Diamond Accents along with Diamond Gemstone's was very detailed and in the end MaggieMays Fine Jewelry has some new and unique design's just for you. Luck came my way when I happened to come by some Amazonite Gemstone's since these type of stone's are becoming very hard to find. Remember, MaggieMays Fine Jewelry is all One-Of-A-Kind jewelry with no duplicate's that can be made. Just imagine the luxury, sophisticated, elegant, modern with a touch of elegance jewelry that you could own. Comments coming your way Lady's by wearing a piece of MaggieMays Fine Jewelry. Take a stroll through MaggieMays Fine Jewelry and fine that OOAK piece of jewelry that is just right for you! http://www.artfire.com/users/MaggieMays


White Gold .25 carat Square Flair Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding


33.53ct Amethyst Peridot Citrine Topaz Multi Gemstone Necklace

33.53ct Amethyst Peridot Citrine Topaz Multi Gemstone Necklace


Amazonite 3 Strand Blue Green Sterling Silver Jewelry Necklace


Brazil Amethyst, Madagascar Pink Sapphire Diamond Necklace; White Gold

Brazil Amethyst, Madagascar Pink Sapphire Diamond Necklace; White Gold


Color Changing Rare Burgundy Garnet Jewelry Bracelet Sterling Silver


Genuine Mocha Diamond Cross Necklace, Unique Design, Sterling Silver, OOAK

Genuine Mocha Diamond Cross Necklace, Unique Design, Sterling Silver, OOAK


Yellow Gold Genuine Sapphire Diamond Necklace, Filigree Design, OOAK


.25 carat Yellow Gold Diamond Journey Design Necklace, Very Petite

.25 carat Yellow Gold Diamond Journey Design Necklace, Very Petite


Yellow Diamond Jewelry Stud Earrings; Vintage Design; Synthetic Gemstone


Mystic Topaz Copal Electroform Cuff Bracelet Scrolled Sterling Silver

Mystic Topaz Copal Electroform Cuff Bracelet Scrolled Sterling Silver


Yellow Gold Diamond Cocktail Ring; Diamond Bypass Design Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Cocktail Ring; Diamond Bypass Design Ring


Baroque Fresh Water Pearl Enhancer Jewelry Necklace, Wire Wrapped


Handmade Multi Colorful Glass Acrylic Bead Fashion Jewelry Necklace

I hope you have enjoyed some of these new design's by MaggieMays Fine Jewelry as much as I have designing them for you!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jewels of the Nile Collection by MaggieMays Fine Jewelry

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry has been very busy this holiday season creating new and uniquely designed jewelry. Outside of designing I have been putting together a collection called "Jewels of the Nile". This New collection is to Honor all the country's and their mining which brings us a variety of colored jewels that offers the world a endless choice." If it wasn't for the world of mine's which produce a variety of multi colored jewels; what would happen to all the handmade jewelry artisan's. Mining of colored gemstone's has been going on for hundreds of years and now over time there has been many that had to close down. Some of these gemstone's are coming out to dark to be used for a quality gem. For instance, the Argyle Mine in Australia which was producing a all natural Champagne Diamond; Chrome Diopside which is mined only three months out of the year in Siberia, Russia only about 5% of what's mined can be actually used as a gemstone.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Item by MaggieMays

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry is based our creating unique, elegant, sophisticated OOAK jewelry using precious and semi-precious gemstone's. I have received some email's from my customer's if I do anything with beading (which I also create); especially multi-tier wood necklaces. I always want my customer's to have the feeling of satisfaction. I have created a new piece that I have used warm tones of brown coin shape wood beads and have made it into a Multi Tier Necklace which consists of 5 strands. A necklace that you can wear layered or intertwine the stands for a different look. I hope you enjoy it as I have in making it just for you.

This necklace created by MaggieMays is classically informed, yet modernized with a unique touch!

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry Wearing Arthritis Magnetic Jewelry

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry had made a new blog post on the wearing of Arthritis Magnetic Jewelry. If interested, here's the link:

This blog covers the definitions of different types of arthritis and also wearing arthritis magnetic jewelry. A lot of us suffer from different types of Arthritis that leaves us to the point of not being able to wear jewelry. MaggieMays Fine Jewelry has Handmade a couple of Arthritis Magnetic Therapy Jewelry Necklace's which I have described them as "Easy Peasy" with no clasp for those of us that have a terrible time using our hands. A beautifully designed necklace that can be worn in different configurations which accents your fashion and performs therapy at the same time.

Both necklace's are endless strands with no clasps and stay together by the arthritis magnets. So those that suffer with arthritis and have problems with using their hands can feel fashionable and yet get some therapy at the same time.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry Christmas Gifts

At MaggieMays Fine Jewelry you will be able to find the right gifts for all your loved ones. Whether your looking for elegant, sophisticated, classy, colorful, eye catching or modern; you're Christmas shopping can be done in all one place. You could also check out all the handmade quality item's made by the wonderful artistic talented artisan's here on ArtFire. ArtFire offers Premiere Handmade Shops that offer the only highest quality handmade items.


Information and Purchasing Citrine Gemstone's

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry has done a two-part Blog post on Citrine Gemstones. Part one is called "The Amazing Citrine Gemstone"; in this post I have introduced this series of articles explaining terms of each individual gemstone starting with citrine so that my reader's and customer's will be able to quickly find out what a term means when speaking about gemstones.

Part two is called "What to look for when Buying Citrine Gemstone's". In this post you will receive information on what to look for when purchasing not only Citrine but your other gemstone's as well. Gemstone's come in all shapes, sizes and color. It is very important that you know you're getting the right gemstone when purchasing.

Most importantly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know, sounds like an old cliche', but it's important that you purchase a gem that speaks to you! Just think, if it is beautiful in your eyes and brings you joy, then you have found a true gemstone treasure.