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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bring Out The Blue Topaz

Topaz is an inherently romantic gem and features regularly in the title of romance novels and honeymoon destinations. Its name indicates beauty, rarity, and wealth, and it imparts a sense of timelessness! With its combined beauty and durability; makes topaz jewelry ideal for all occasions and not just a birthstone.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz exists in a wide range of shades. The lightest color is known as sky blue and is often described as subtle, soft, or pastel in appearance. With its similarity to the color of aquamarine, it is often used as an affordable alternative.

Swiss Blue Topaz is a deeper, richer shade that offers another alternative for gem lovers. Some of the finest Swiss blue is often described as neon or eclectic and is given the special name "super blue" to describe its exceptional color.

Final destination, London Blue Topaz refers to the deepest, richest shade in the blue topaz series. Barehipani Topaz embodies the finest quality of this highly-popular member of the topaz family.

With all this in mind, Swiss Blue Topaz gives you the richest and brightest of blue topaz.

The treatment time an release time of blue topaz is incredible:

Sky blue topaz takes 1 week for treatment and than is ready for purchase.
Swiss blue topaz takes 180 hours for treatment alone and than has to set 8 months for release.
London blue topaz is  the same treatment time and release time as Swiss blue topaz.
Barehipani topaz takes 300 hours just for treatment time and than 12 months before it can be released.

MaggieMays has had the pleasure of coming across two gemstone's that show the rich and bluest color of Brazilian Swiss Blue Topaz.