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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Featuring IBH Guild Member SewKlassic

As I said earlier in a post I will be featuring a IBH Guild Member weekly. This week's feature will be about SewKlassic.Artfire.com. Karen grew up in a farm house that had the advantage of her two grandmothers, an aunt, and mother who had skills in quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, tatting and rug making, who by the way were very good teachers.With that in mind, I'm sure you know that Karen started at a very young around 7 or 8 learning her skills and techniques of sewing, tailoring, knitting, crocheting, tatting, quilting, making garments, especially with pockets, garment repair, sewing stuffed animal. All her design's are handcrafted working with her hands and sewing machine in her home. SewKlassic

Some of Karen's first projects started out with hand sewn outfits for fashion dolls sewn while watching TV and a special program that will take you back in time "The Leave It to Beaver Show." Her mother picked up on her interest and started teaching Karen how to use her sewing machine which led the both of them working together to make her own school clothes. Their are a lot of advantages of living out in the open air and country living, such as having a 4-H Club. Karen had neighbor's that actually started one and helped her with the art of sewing techniques and working with fabric. With Karen's accomplishments with the 4-H club all their item's were displayed at the State Fair; now I would call that a honor! Part of Karen's schooling included a great Home Economics class and at the end of her 9th grade year, all the girls organized a spring tea and fashion show for their moms featuring outfits they had made for themselves. Their were skirts, jackets, and top, and they even made cookies and punch.SewKlassic's Photo Gallery

Living in the country you have good and bad times as I'm sure you know. Well Karen had a bit of a bad spell in which at that time her loving mother taught her another skill by picking up the needles and learned to knit.  Karen kinda set aside some of her talent and put her hands to work with the love and enjoyment of knitting socks and things for babies.

Shades of Blue Baby Set

Sweet Summer Baby Booties

All her beautiful work still comes from her home studio where she does her sewing, design, alter clothing, knitting plans, making gifts or custom projects for family and friends;

White Lace Soap Sachet

White Lace Soap Sachetand still to this day, design's many of her own clothes and accessories.

HotCold Therapy Corn Bag with Blue Cotton Cover rose-display onlyAt SewKlassic you will only find the beauty and inspiration of using your hands to created handcrafted item's to fill your home with how hands can make artful and useful gifts and objects that bring joy to others, fill a need for beauty, and improve lives..

SewKlassic has shown all of us that country living is fun, soothing your spirit in the old fashioned classic way with love,  and most of all what the word handmade or handcrafted exactly means - quality, and purpose!

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  1. Great feature, thanks for sharing with us...♥♥

  2. wonderful post! I just love those tiny booties ....so sweet.

  3. Thank you MaggieMays for the great article. I love the country pictures. :-)

  4. I love those socks with the pockets, would be perfect for heading out for a morning walk on days I don't have a pocket for keys.

  5. Such an inspirational piece. You have truly shown us that Karen is indeed a "down home country girl", and we love her work.
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