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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tis The Season to Be Jolly!

Sewnfromtheheart's Photo Gallery

Christmas in July has always been known as a celebration of "Christmas in July." There has been a marvelous collection of handcrafted item's that would make wonderful gifts and home warming ideas curated by Sewnfromtheheart.

In this wonderful collection, MaggieMays had the pleasure of having her "Mocha Diamond Cross Necklace" included among all these wonderful gift's for your loved one's, friends or just a treat for yourself. Handmade creation's are more meaningful just knowing that the person took their time to design quality item's that will give you a life time of joy. You'll see what I mean when I show this beautiful collection.

I'd like to thank Sewnfromtheheart for including one of MaggieMays OOAK jewelry design's by telling you a little about her shop. First of all she is offering a 15% off Christmas in July sale going through July 1st to July 31st. All items apply. Use Coupon Code: CHRISTMASTREATS when purchasing one of her wonderful design's at checkout.

Getting To Know Sewnfromtheheart:
She was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and ADHD. Neither of the diagnoses was made until later in her life and she is now permanently in a wheel chair and can not walk. Thank goodness they have found the proper medications that give her the ability to move her fingers to do what she loves best, that is sewing and designing beautiful item's. Her true belief is that the man above has give her the strength to write, sew and live each day of her life to the fullest. She's all for making things for those disabled. She found find simple things that she could create and would work for using her hands or that would do good on her chair, so she taught herself how to sew and modify things. Her passion for sewing and writing is relaxing to her which she enjoys extremely and has become piece's of art. Many of her item's are one of a kind creation's done in a pet friendly home with her loving cat Zorro that give's her inspiration.Sewnfromtheheart

One of her focuses is kids, teens and young adults with disabilities from birth or from injuries due to accidents. There are so many younger people that live with disabilities like herself. In her creation's she chose fun bright bold colors and fabrics for that very reason. Here is one of her bold, bright and cheerful design's.

Walker bag with pockets Blue dragons with flames on yellow

Walker bag with pockets Blue dragons with flames on yellow
At Sewnfromtheheart you will find all kinds of handcrafted design's ranging from bags, bibs, aprons, walking bags, painted creations, wreaths, and a whole lot more.

Wreath Teal ribbon with white poinsettia and gold leaves Christmas

Wreath Teal ribbon with white poinsettia and gold leaves ChristmasHere's one of my favorite paintings showing her inspiration to all those with disability problems that they can do and they just have to believe in themselves. This is what we all should be doing each and everyday!

Painted wood sun with hearts Yellow and blue

Painted wood sun with hearts Yellow and blue

Christmas stocking Teddy bears

Christmas stocking Teddy bears
I have shown you just a taste of what Sewnbytheheart create's with her hands and her brand new sewing machine.

Sewnbytheheart interest include sewing, writing, painting, cooking, gardening, and baking. She has also accomplished being a published author as well.

You can also find Sewnbytheheart by following the below links and don't forget her "Christmas in July Sale"!

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  1. Nice post about jewelry. your site is very cool

  2. SewnFromtheHeart is a wonderful seller! Friendly person to work with. I use my gardening apron just about every day, that she made for me. Her items are truely "sewn from the heart"!