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Monday, July 2, 2012

Featuring HowlingCaterpillars IBH Artist of the Week

Earlier I had mentioned how I will be featuring a IBH guild member, well this week MaggieMays has been honored to be featured. Instead of writing about myself I decided to write about a dedicated and creative artisan on ArtFire called "HowlingCaterpillars".

HowlingCaterpillars is a inspiring married woman who loves to research and create one-of-a-kind design's that range from T-shirts to jewelry. She just loves to create! I stopped by her shop and found out that HowlingCaterpillars has a inspiration for "Dream Webs". Dream Webs are similar to Dream Catchers but the name dream catcher is in fact a Native American design, and since she isn't of Native American heritage she honors them with her creative Dream Webs are formed. Her interest in their heritage came from her Aunt who is in fact an honorary Navajo, her loving Aunt taught her the basics of wrapping hoops and tying the webs, from that point she took her talent to a whole new level. Design's are non-traditional, special and have their own name  and the Legend of the Dream Catcher. Now, that's quite a honor. Each Dream Web honor's some sort of happiness, love and honor. Each Dream Web will come with a tag, name, and Native American Legend of the DreamCatcher. I'll show you what I mean:

Congratulations! Its a Boy!! 5 Inch DreamWeb

All handcrafted with natural item's and fabric, such as
It's made from a Brass Ring, Cotton Fabric, Cotton Thread, Scrapbooking Buttons, Pony Beads and Dyed Turkey Feathers. The Fabric is a sweet and cozy white Flannel printed with Noah's Ark, Lions, Sheep, Ducks, Giraffes, Elephants and Dogs all in Pairs. There's also a Dove with an Olive Branch and Butterflies and teeny Polka dots in really nice pastels.

This is a favorite of mine that she created in honoring not only things she has tried to grow in her garden but for a dear neighbor who she called a "crackerjack gardener" that was a great friend, and very sadly lost him a few years ago.

How Does Your Garden Grow? 8 Inch DreamWeb

How Does Your Garden Grow? 8 Inch DreamWebAs you can see the inspiration HowlingCaterpillars has for nature and life itself!

HowlingCaterpillars handcrafted jewelry is also in honor of Native American heritage. You really have to see her design's in person to appreciate them. This is also a favorite of mine and I think you will like it also.

Carnelian, Turquoise, Natural and Black Hair Pipe Choker NA made OOAK

Carnelian, Turquoise, Natural and Black Hair Pipe Choker NA made OOAKHere's a little information about these handcrafted OOAK choker's and their heritage:

Archaeological finds have dated the oldest known shell hair pipe bead at about 4,000 years old. Carved bone and horn was actually likely the first adornment people used to fashion jewelry. Bone chokers were possibly first made from bird legs because of their hollow bones and they served a very useful function. They provided physical protection of the neck and its important veins and arteries during a battle.

Bone chokers are also believed to provide spiritual protection of the voice. During tribal meetings, almost all present who had something to say would wear a Bone Choker believing that the choker would give them the power to speak from the heart about the matter.

Originally, Bone Chokers were one or two strands. There is some evidence that chiefs, warriors or other persons in special leadership positions such as medicine men could extend the number of strands..

In almost every item worn, there is another meaning behind it and this also applies to the number of strands on a Bone Choker. Here is what various strands may mean:
1 For One God
2 For True Speech
3 For Completeness and the Circle of Life

HowlingCaterpillars has a talent for vintage jewelry where she recycle's it back to near the time it was famous.

Vintage Butterfly Earrings OOAK Upycled with Swarovski Crystals

Vintage Butterfly Earrings OOAK Upycled with Swarovski Crystals
She loves to do custom items. Why? Because I like to see where my mind can take me as I work. Feel free to request something special for yourself or a loved one. I will ship all over the world...  Here's a sneak peak  at another creative design using embroidery - See what I mean by being a talented artisan who honors what IBH is all about - HANDMADE :

Oriental Peony Red Brocade Choker OOAK

Oriental Peony Red Brocade Choker OOAK
Her skills and techniques include a enormous amount of talent that she enjoys and is dedicated too:
Weaving Dream Webs from fabric, cotton thread, adding scrap booking buttons and feathers to make an interesting and one of a kind piece of art. Researching different cultures for my T shirt Designs. Researching various sources for my Charm Bottles, and Altars in a Jar. Researching my novels I write. Can you tell I like to research?

HowlingCaterpillars plainly to say is a inspiration to everyone and everybody and she shows it in her creativity and very artistic talent! You can also find more about HowlingCaterpillars at

http://www.howlingcaterpillars.e… http://www.akiwisilkie.etsy.com http://howlingcaterpillars.blogs… http://spottedcrow.blogspot.com/

It's Better Handmade has numerous talented artisan's that show the meaning of what handmade is all about in each of their creations. We are honored to have HowlingCaterpillars as a guild member that is dedicated, inspiring, heritage knowledgeable, and once again I will say "knows the meaning of handmade". Thank You HowlingCaterpillars for being a part of IBH!


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