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Monday, June 4, 2012

Featuring WhiteOwlDesigns

As a member of the Its Better Handmade Guild I will be featuring different artisan's and how they inspire us all in our creativity. This week I'll be talking about WhiteOwlDesigns and her dedication in painting and designing beads using recycled materials. WhiteOwlDesigns has a way of nature calling out to all of us and respecting what our world has given to each and everyone of us! If you would like to follow WhiteOwlDesigns, here a couple links:
ArtFire Studio: https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/whiteowldesigns
Blog: http://whiteowldesigns.wordpress.com/

WhiteOwlDesigns started painting at 14 years old and from than on she became hooked on creating different style paintings; whether they be done by water color to canvas. Each of her paintings have a story to tell, you just have to look inside. Her originality in creating a one-a-kind style porcupine quill that she uses to paint each and every bead individually, using numerous color's brings them alive. She give's all of us who create and design inspiration to have fun, creative and original in whatever endeavor's come our way!

Here are some of my favorite beads that she creates:

SILVER and VINE Florals Unique Handmade, Hand Painted, Beads
EARTH SWIRL Barrel Beads Unique Handmade, Hand Painted, Beads

This painting is "Life" inspiring!! Look deeply and you have a tree full of life and oxygen, a sun to brighten our days, plants bursting with buds and flowers; but yet again you have holiday fireworks, a spin wheel full of color and ending our day with a sky full of stars and the moon shining upon us. Its nature calling out to all of us.

RAINBOW TREE OF LIFE Original Acrylic on Board


  1. Thanks for sharing. What a great find. Awesome talent, love her paintings, jewelry and beads. Bookmarked for future shopping.
    Judy Cogo Designs

  2. White Owl Designs is an amazing artist and she has a wonderful shop. Thank you for posting this article about her and the pictures of her work.

  3. Love White Owls designs....thank you for posting your blog about her....

  4. Her work is mindblowing! Can't imagine working on beads like that...makes my eyes cross but she ends up with true art! Thanks for sharing such a talent.

  5. Thanks for sharing White Owl Designs, great art work shown here.

    Heart & Sow Designs

  6. Thank you for your post featuring WhiteOwlDesigns. Her beads are amazing and it is fascinating that she can paint such intricate designs with a porcupine quill. Love your site, blog, and products too. Glad to meet you.

  7. Love the painting... nice article :)