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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Its Better Handmade Guild Contest

As a member of Its Better Handmade (IBH) I would like everyone to understand what IBH is all about first of all; IBH is a place where artisian's and/or artist like myself, can show the community and now worldwide, just how handcrafted otherwise know as handmade design's are so much more special when you see a handmade item designed just for you. When purchasing handcrafted item's its more meaningful knowing someone has put his/her time into crafting a one-of-a-kind personal design that is meant just for you.

It’s Better Handmade (IBH) is a family of artists, crafters and artisan's that create all types of handmade design's, whether it be crocheting, baby item's, doll making, jewelry; their is no ending in type's of design's you can find at IBH. This family comes together to support each other! Whether it be personally, growing friendships, business questions, asking for advice, support each other, studio critiques and most of all we have friendly discussions.  Each member brings their different type artistically talent and shares with each other, we put our business minds together and by doing so we have created a central place to come together. Every artist continues to learn and socialize which in the end; our artistic talent and business grows. IBH is dedicated to those artisan's that are serious in promoting and sharing handcrafted items.

At this time, IBH is having a collection contest which each member submits a collection of handcrafted design's based on their title description. Any member can vote on which collection they like best; this is in no way stating that one is better than the other. Everyone has their own type of style and all collection's are full of beautiful handcrafted design's ranging from modern, vintage, color, theme, elegant or whatever the member wants to share with member's, community and the world. Check out these wonderful collections at http://itsbetterhandmade.com/ibh-artfire-collections-contest/. 

Here are a few of the collection's; but be sure to check them all out, there are numerous handcrafted item's that just might be what you have been looking for or hits home.
padding:94px 0 5px 0; text-align:center;">Pretty Rosey Pinks

Here's one: IBH Guild Member Collection Contest - Curated by Javagoth

To The Beach!

Curated by Javagoth | Collection Published on 06-15-2012
Cute Crochet Amigurumi Red Fish
Cute Crochet ...
Hippie... US $12.00

Browse around and you never know what you may find by talented artists!


  1. Marge this is fabulous♥.....Monika

  2. That is super sppecial....does this not entice you to vote for your fav collection on IBH....
    Thank you

  3. Well, I am surprised that no one thanked you for such a lovely blog post...

  4. How wonderful that you chose to highlight the guild It's Better Handmade! Great article and I enjoyed reading it very much. I also enjoyed knowing that there is such support for Handmade. :-)

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    1. Thank you kindly for such inspiring comments about IBH! We are a family of talented, creative and artistic artisan's who believe in handmade item's.