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Friday, September 28, 2012

Luxury of Pearls

memoriedesignsAnn Brown the fine owner of memoriedesigns began making jewelry about 15 years ago. What started out as something she enjoyed for herself ended taking her over and that's how memoriedesigns came about being part of the ArtFire family of talented and creative artisan's. Ann has a love for creating jewelry pieces in which her designing brings a new piece to fruition which is rewarding as a artisan!

Next to the diamond, no gem has fascinated humankind more than the pearl. Today's birthstone for June, the pearl was long believed to possess a special mystical quality, symbolized by the glow that seems to radiate from its very center. Over time, the pearl has acquired strong associations with love, success, happiness, and the virtues of modesty, chastity, and purity, which make it a popular choice for brides on their wedding day. Every woman should own at least one piece of pearl jewelry to pass on as a heirloom and memoriedesigns of the It's Better Handmade Guild on artfire has put together a pearl collection called "Pearl by Stevie Wonder and It's Better Handmade"which includes rich, classy and elegant pearl jewelry for you to choose as that special gift.

Ann loves creating and bringing a new piece to fruition! Some of her interests are designing beaded jewelry,
Cultured pearl necklace, with South African seed pearls wire wrapping rings, pendants, bracelets
Verdigris metal rectangle charm bracelet, shabby chic and custom work for special occasions.

As we all know life takes a left turn on us and we end up in a position that leaves us not being able to enjoy what we like most. Ann has went through this but she is back and designing her wonderful jewelry design's. Stop on by memoriedesigns where you will find all jewelry creation's handcrafted by Ann herself. Sure you can go out to the mall and spend hours looking why not check out memoriedesigns where you will see nothing but high quality jewelry pieces that will last you a lifetime with proper care. Here's a sneak peak at what you'll see:

Sterling silver filigree square earrings on fishhook ear wires


Cultured Pearl .925 Pendant necklace, Sterling silver clasp


With Ann's expertise as a talented handmade artisan, her knowledge of designing and repairing jewelry item's at times, I am proud to have her as a fellow member of the It's Better Handmade Guild on ArtFire!

You can find memoriedesigns
Online @:

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